MIFT Product Innovation Award 2013

It is our pleasure to announce the winners of the prestigious MIFT Product Innovation Award 2013 competition. The competition is organized by the Malaysian Institute of Food Technology once every two years and was formerly known as the Best Product Award. As of 2009, the Award has been renamed the MIFT PRODUCT INNOVATION AWARD. The Ministry of Health Malaysia has approved the winner to incorporate the award logo on the food packaging label and other advertising media.


A new award ie. the SILVER AWARD was introduced for this year’s competition, in addition to the existing platinum and gold awards, due to the good response from the industries. 

LKT Food Industries Sdn Bhd – the Platinum Award winner represented Malaysia to showcase their Soft Dessert product in the Asean Food Conference in Singapore on 9-11 September 2013.

Congratulations to all our Award winners!

Platinum: image001

1. Soft Dessert-  LKT FOOD INDUSTRIES SDN BHD     (Brand: Veri)

1. Mashed Potato Pie with Blackpepper Beef - HAJJAH AMINAH FOOD INDUSTRIES SDN BHD    (Brand : Potess)

2. Chicken Tom Yum with Rice -PK AGRO INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS (M) SDN BHD     ( Brand : CP)

3. Salmon Puff - GOLDEN FRESH SDN BHD      (Brand : Pacific West)

4. Breaded Shrimp - ACE FRONT INDUSTRIES SDN BHD     (Brand : Skipper)

1. Roti Paratha Original -  LKT FOOD INDUSTRIES SDN BHD    (Brand : Veri)

2. Salmon in Mustard Sauce – GOLDEN FRESH SDN BHD     (Brand: Pacific West)