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Terms and Conditions


 Organisations and individuals are welcome to advertise for recruitment of personnel, provision of scientific equipment and supplies, services, products and events on the MIFT website (


 The advertisement shall not exceed 1 page A4 size and shall be submitted in pdf format, together with the completed advertisement application form to


 The fee for each advertisement is as follows:-

  • 1 month at RM600 only
  • 3 months at RM1,500  only


 Payment be made by cheque/bank transfer, shall forthwith be due and payable upon receipt of written confirmation from MIFT of receipt and acceptance of the advertisement.


 Advertisements will only be run upon receipt of full payment of the advertisement charges in advance. No refund will be given for any cancellation of any advertisement after the first upload of the advertisement in the website. The advertisement will also be automatically removed from the website once expired.


 MIFT reserves the right to refuse to publish or remove any advertisement if deemed unlawful, unsuitable or inappropriate at its sole discretion and is not required to provide any compensation or written notice to the advertisers.


 While all efforts will be taken to ensure that our website runs 24 hours a day, no compensation will be given to any advertiser due to any interruption or downtime of our server and website, and MIFT makes no representation or warranty, whether expressly or by implication, and neither is MIFT responsible nor liable for any loss, damage or expense suffered or incurred by any advertiser arising out of the advertisements placed on our website.


 Advertising rates are subject to review from time to time.

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