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We're food technologist,
Making food and beverage,
Tastier and stable,
Consumption for humankind;
We're food technologists,
Striving for innovation and renovation,
Appealing and staple,
Enjoyment in many good kind;
We're food technologists,
Stabilising emulsion,
With stabilisers and emulsifiers,
Derived from plant and synthetic;
We're food technologists,
Changing dull to bright colour,
With permitted colourings,
By market regulation and Codex;
We're food technologists,
Formulating recipe with ingredients,
Interaction and reaction understood,
Forming love chemistry;
We're food technologists,
Product Technology is our core,
Prototype development,
Scaled up with Process Technology;
We're food technologists,
Living in a community,
Malaysian Institute of Food Technologists,
Housed all of us in one family.

[This poem is dedicated to food technologists. ~ Justin Tay - 13th October 2017]