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How to apply to be a Registered Food Analyst in Malaysia

Be a Registered Food Analyst


Here is how you can apply to be a Registered Food Analyst:-

1. Go to 

2. Click on "Perkhidmatan" at the top menu

3. Scroll down the page until you see "Juruanalisis Makanan", it is 3rd from the bottom of the list of "Perkhidmatan". Click on the "Juruanalisis Makanan"

4. Click on "Pendaftaran Juruanalisis Makanan dan Permohonan Perakuan Amalan Tahunan" and the applicant will be guided on the detailed steps in the next page.

In case of failure to access the webpage link, the applicants can always reach the Secretariat, Pn Irma bt Mohamad Samsi at 03-88850600.



Additionally, some important publications are also available for download here.