Welcome to the MIFT website,

MIFT since it was established in 1974 has been actively promoting the advancement of food science and technology in the country. This has been done through forums with various stakeholders and the various activities that MIFT organises.

Against a background of new challenges, global change and a marketplace that's being transformed by technology, systems in place in the country need to keep abreast with these changes to be relevant and are effective in ensuring safe and quality food for domestic and foreign consumers.

In addition, with the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) to build ASEAN into a single market and production base, AEC provides opportunities for food businesses in Malaysia as well as poses challenges for the future.

Being part of MIFT, members and varoius stakeholders are able to keep themselves updated on current technologies, regulations and knowhow with access to continuous professional education and networking opportunities, which is vital for an industry to remain competitive.

Being a non-profit scientific organisation, MIFT can provide the neutral platform for discussion on aspects of food science and technology without favouring any party. MIFT thus invites all of you to join us to be part of the fraternity of food scientists, technologists and individuals involves in the food industry.

Warm regards,